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Why did FISD call a bond?

According to the Texas Education Agency, FISD is growing faster than 95.9% of all other districts in the entire state.

Current enrollment is ahead of 2018 and 2022 demographic projections.

New Elementary Campus

  • New state-of-the-art elementary

  • Includes storm shelter

Farmersville Intermediate

  • Safety and security upgrades, including fencing

  • Additional classrooms with storm shelter

  • Covered playground

Tatum Elementary

  • Safety and security upgrades, including fencing

  • Additional parking and paving to ease congestion

  • Covered playground

Farmersville Junior High

  • Safety and security upgrades

  • Parking upgrades

  • All-weather PE playing surface

Farmersville High

  • Safety and security upgrades

  • Additional audio/visual studio

  • New athletic surfaces for softball/baseball/soccer & expand/upgrade tennis courts

  • Parking upgrades

Education Service Center

  • Flexible spaces to provide teacher training

  • Conference rooms / Board meeting room

  • New / relocated administration offices

  • Multi-use spaces

  • Repurpose current administration offices to alternative education setting

Districtwide Improvements

  • Land acquisition

  • Infrastructure upgrades

What is proposed?

Total Bond Amount: $98 Million

Tax Impact

The Farmersville ISD Proposed Bond will be a $0.06 tax increase. For more information on tax impact, click below.

Election Day


April 22-30


May 4

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